cd cover details

i invested a lot of time and passion to create the new cd cover. im very proud of all the detail and the entire look. ~totleben

totengeflüster - musicvideo

the video was shot in april 2016. filmed & edited by totleben

new rehearsal room

i started one day after we finished filming the totengeflüster videoclip in may 2016

renovating the new rehearsal room. took two months to finish. ~ totleben

live in donaueschingen 2014

live at delta tau chi

live in birmingham 2014

live at beermageddon - part i

totengeflüster first concert

live in birmingham 2014

live at beermageddon - part ii

totengeflüster first concert

live in tübingen 2014

live at metalnight tübingen, epplehaus

totengeflüster first concert in germany

live in radolfzell 2014

live at bokle

promo photoshooting

photographed by first mistress 2014

making of - vom seelensterben

mixed and mastered by marc globig, warroom studios spaichingen 2012

... where it al began ...

vom seelensterben photoshooting

photographed by 1st mistress photography november 2011

all audio, visuals & lyrics are copyrighted by totengeflüster.

totengeflüster is signed by pale essence music. copyright 2017